New LEE100 Tandem Adapter Lets You Use Two Filter Holders at Once – Photography Article

LEE filters has released a useful accessory for landscape photographers who want more versatility out of their filter system. The new LEE100 Tandem Adapter lets you stack two LEE100 filter holders on top of each other and rotate them independently, so you can really dial in your exposure in-camera. Announced on Facebook a few days ago, the company is calling its LEE100 Tandem Adapter “a totally unique feature of the LEE system.” It works simply enough. Just slot the adapter…

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Techart Unveils the World’s First Sony E to Nikon Z Autofocus Lens Adapter – Photography Article

The lens adapter company Techart PRO has announced the world’s first Sony E to Nikon Z autofocus adapter. The new adapter (TZE-01) is ultra-thin due to the 2mm difference in flange distance between the Sony E and Nikon Z mounts. Techart had to somehow cram a CPU chip into the tiny adapter, which measures just several millimeters thick total, and this chip can translate the signals between Sony lenses and Nikon cameras. Autofocus, auto-aperture, and lens stabilization capabilities are all…

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