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500px Blog » Licensing Contributor Jelle Canipel talks landscape photography and exhibiting his work alongside Michiel Pieters and Joris Put – Photography Article

Licensing Contributor Jelle Canipel is a Belgian landscape and adventure photographer who connected with two other 500px Photographers—Michiel Pieters and Joris Put—to create an exhibition that combined elements of their heritage and photography, culminating in an interactive experience for their local community. Q: You have been on the platform for a number of years now, when did you first begin uploading your images and what inspired you to submit your first image to Licensing? A: In the beginning, as a…

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500px Blog » 10 Action/Sport Photographers You Need to Follow on 500px Right Now – Photography Article

Looking for new photographers to follow on 500px? Great! We’ve got a set of Top 10 lists in the works that’ll help you do just that. We’ll work our way through the major categories of photography — from wildlife, to landscapes, to street photography, to portraiture, and beyond — listing out 10 of our favorite 500px photographers in each genre. The lists are by no means exhaustive, of course (there are many more than 10 incredible photographers on 500px for…

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The Photography Experience Of The Summer – Photography Article

The most basic requirement of taking a good photo is having a camera and for 100 years Olympus has been dedicated to getting as many people taking pictures as possible. Now they’re going one step further by teaming up with CreativeLive for an immersive online learning workshop streaming live August 14-16, 2019. Enjoy 3 free days of photography classes taught by a variety of outdoor and nature professionals covering topics such as location scouting, lens selection, light control, techniques for…

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Getting The Best Photos From Outdoor Adventures – Photography Article

As the days get longer, many of us long to be outside. This is especially true for photographers, who know good photographs are waiting to be taken in uncharted territory. If you have the itch to get outdoors, consider going beyond your neighborhood park and tackling a true adventure: a hike. Once you’ve filled your backpack with the essentials you’ll need for the duration of your hike, it’s time to pack up your camera gear and head out. Before you…

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