Aerial Work July 2019 – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

Aerial work July 2019 for Skylark Aerial Photography has been very varied and busy. Aerial survey, roof inspection, TV filming, property shoots, commercial property shoots, boat cruises, holiday cottage shoots to property developments. Variety is what it is all about for Skylark Aerial Work July 2019. We are also pleased to see that the aerial survey work is now making up at least 50% of the workload, with another contract signed for more national water pipeline survey. Some of which…

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BAE Systems Generation Tempest – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

A few weeks ago we were invited to film over a 2 day period at BAE Systems Academy for Skills & Knowledge (ASK), for a feature about BAE Systems Generation Tempest. Drone filming took place both on the apron, in the hanger and workshop at BAE. In all over 6 hours of flying inside were completed around some very expensive aircraft. Drone used was the DJI Mavic Pro 2, and even with all the sensors on an observer was still…

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Operational Statistics First Half – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

Operational Statistics First Half for Skylark Aerial Photography. A busy first 6 months for 2019 The half year numbers for commercial operations for 2019 have just been released by our admin staff. Commercial Operations (each time a flight is logged). 181 flights ranging from 4 minutes to 42 minutes. The latter being the fixed wing drone which has an endurance of 50 minutes. The 181 operational flights represent an average of 30 per month or a flight a day. First…

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Windermere Jetty, Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories – Aerial Photography Article

Windermere Jetty, Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories update aerial video was shot in July. Over the last 4 years we have been very pleased to have been asked back to film updates for the museum. Welcome Last weekend during a very nice sunny spell a further update was provided of the museum. This featured the museum, Steamboat Osprey, Windermere Lake Cruises dropping off and collecting passengers at a jetty at the museum. A lot has changed over the last…

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The Game Changer – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

The Game Changer The Mavic Pro 2 changed all this. Along comes a drone with an excellent camera and the airframe is bustling with obstacle avoidance technology. We all know how good the Mavic Pro 2 is for external filming. But there is little written out there which goes into a little detail about its capability for internal shoots. Well we are about to change that. Within 6 months here at Skylark we have already carried out over 15hrs of…

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CAP1789 EU UAS Regulations – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

Updated regulations for implementation within the UK next year which will be a huge change to all drone operators.The first (Open Category) is roughly what we work to at the present.The last (Certified Category) will be in line with a commercial operation of an aircraft and require full pilot licence, pilot licence for radio, medical for pilot and drone registration/service record for drone. At Skylark we will look to hold this category and add a drone rating to our current…

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Filming Inside With A Drone – Aerial Photography Article

Filming inside with a drone the story begins. The use of drones for capturing unique perspectives and replacing what would normally be a Heli shoot territory is now really something that can be seen in most productions. The use of a drone is now becoming a standard requirement on any film or TV shoot. As drones become smaller and the camera systems, they use become better, drones are now starting to become used more for internal shoots. Three years ago,…

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Filming for LNER – Skylark Aerial Photography – Aerial Photography Article

Filming for LNER. We have been asked to provide aerial footage for LNER of the new Azuma trains which have come into service on the North Eastern line of the UK. In collaboration with DropZone Images of Newcastle, drones will provide aerial footage of the new trains. Filming for LNER The new trains have been launched on the East Coast Main Line, five months later than planned. LNER unveiled the first of 65 new Azuma trains at…

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SUA – CAA Airspace Access Report Form – Aerial Photography Article

SUA:- Following the 2019 amendment of the Air Navigation Order (ANO). CAA have launched an online form to report instances where access to airspace has been denied to UAS, and where the request may not have been considered in line with the guidance set out in CAP1788 and with consideration of the interests described below. Users are reminded that the ANO, as amended, gives provision for aerodromes to grant or deny access to Flight Restriction Zones on the grounds of…

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