Louisiana Helicam, LLC Aerial Photography and Video Company – Aerial Photography Article

Here’s a classic 1987 Toyota 4Runner video that was filmed in Bunkie, Louisiana. Saving… Add comment Adding new comments is not allowed by the photographer. To leave a comment, please login first. The photographer allowed comments from registered users… This is only a snippet of a Aerial Photography Article written by (Louisiana Helicam, LLC Aerial Photography and Video Company) Source link

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Thermal Cameras and Drones | Commercial Drone and Media Company In Pittsburgh, PA | Media Company Near Me – Aerial Photography Article

At AerdiA we recently purchased a thermal camera to be outfitted on one of our commercial drones. Now you may ask how can this benefit you? Below we will go through the various areas and how they are best utilizing thermal imagery, also known as thermography. A simple Google search defines thermography as the following: ther·mog·ra·phy THərˈmäɡrəfē/ noun – the use of thermograms to study heat distribution in structures or regions. But let’s dissect that slightly and determine exactly how best…

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Macadamia growers’ case study 2017 – Aerial Photography Article

Queensland Drones is currently working with Growcom’s Hort360 project team to identify critical correlations between sub-soil conditions, soil drainage and erosion, and tree health in macadamia orchards on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. So far we’ve worked with eight growers over a total of almost 500 acres of prime macadamia orchards across the hinterland region. There are still opportunities for other growers and growers in other regions to join this study.The scope of the trials for macadamia growers is to compare EM38 sub-soil analysis…

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