Topaz Studio 2: Is It Worth Buying? – Photography Article

Topaz Studios seems to have endless releases of powerful tools for photographers, and many of us have at least one Topaz application or plugin in our collection of editing tools. So, just how good is the newly released Topaz Studio 2? The original Topaz Studio was a bit of an odd release. Studio was free, and it came with some filters, but the premium filters cost money and were added to the Topaz Studio app as you needed them. I know…

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Fstoppers Reviews the Wyze Cam: A $25 Security Cam for Your Hotel – Photography Article

This is a look at how this affordable home security cam can be used for increasing security of your gear while traveling on assignment. Even though it was never designed for this purpose, unlike a lot of other options on the market the Wyze Cam has just the right features to make it possible.  Security is a big issue for me when I’m traveling on an assignment. Sometimes I am able to pack just the essentials for the job but more often…

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Augmented Reality Offers Heightened Situational Awareness for Drone Users – Aerial Photography Article

Augmented Reality Offers Heightened Situational Awareness for Drone Users  RadioResource Media Group By Danny Ramey, Web Editor. Thursday, August 08, 2019 | Comments. Augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are finding holds in the commercial market as … >> Osmo Pocket vs. Osmo Mobile 2: Which One Should You Buy? Source link Share Tweet Share Pin Email 9-1-1 analog radio antennas apps base stations Broadband consoles data devices digital mobile radio dispatch DMR dPMR FCC rules FirstNet interoperable gateways IoT IP…

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Apps That Will Add a New Level of Intelligence to Your Photographs. – Photography Article

If you’ve ever wondered what plant is in the foreground of your last magical landscape image, there’s a few apps out there that can help. Those apps can also keep you from trampling rare and endangered species and habitat to get that epic Instagram shot, and along the way you’ll end up learning a few Latin names… maybe.The first app I use the most and can identify countless species of plants and animals is iNaturalist. The built in artificial intelligence…

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Create Long Exposures with No ND Filter Using Your iPhone – Photography Article

Moment’s new app update gives you the ability to take long exposure photos with your phone, and export it as video or live photo. And it’s very well implemented.  As a practice run, I just took some images of my train trip this morning and another while I was walking across the bridge in Paris. It’s not just easy to use, but it does change the way you approach your shot, and it makes me want to try new things,…

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iPadOS Finally Makes iPad Worth Considering for Professionals – Photography Article

After a few compatibility and speed tests, for the first time, I will be leaving my laptop behind when I go on a seven day trip out of the country later this month. It’s all thanks to iPad’s new iPadOS, which this year will provide support for external drives and a group of other pro features we’ve been starved for since the iPad first came out. The latest operating system for Apple’s iPad was renamed iPadOS (from iOS) to separate…

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Capture One Express: Straightforward, Powerful, and Free – Photography Article

What is Capture One Express? Simply put, it’s a totally free and simplified version of the Capture One editing software that still offers the same superior raw handling ability as the Pro version.  There are more versions of Capture One than many people realize, including Capture One Pro, brand-specific versions for Sony and Fujifilm, and Capture One Studio. Since the release of Capture One version 8, users have had the option to either purchase Capture One outright or use a…

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Fstoppers Review: NIK Tools Are Back With More Features and a Lower Price – Photography Article

Many of us remember the debut of NIK Tools in 1995. They were a powerful set of plugins for Photoshop that did color adjustments, created lovely black and white images, and could sharpen images and lower noise in them. Just about every photographer I knew snapped them up at $500. Then, a mini-disaster struck. Google bought them out in September 2012, dropped the price to $150, and true to predictions, Google lost interest in them, offered them for free, but there…

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  Artistic Adventurer – Teri Lou: Best Apps for Finding What to do When Visiting a New City? – iPhone Photography Article

Best Apps for Finding What to do When Visiting a New City Vacation vs VanLife Some people plan months in advance when going on vacation but that isn’t often the case when living on the road full time. Many times I find myself wandering from one place to the other because of recommendations by others. This way of travel is exciting and often brings me to places I never would have visited otherwise. Often when I arrive I will go…

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Happy Feb 14th | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

Happy Feb 14th Posted by David Pasillas on February 14, 2017 Posted in: iphoneography. Tagged: apps, art, artista impresso, flowers, icolorama, iPhone, iPhoneography, love, nature, painterly, photography, Photos, snapseed, still life, valentines day. A flower falls, even though we love it.  -Dogen I hate to be that guy, but I’ve never been a fan of this holiday. Probably because I spent too many of them alone. Shrug.  I’ll probably be spending the day eating junk food and doing something artsy…

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Dapper Pony | iPhone Photographer – iPhone Photography Article

Dapper Pony Posted by David Pasillas on December 7, 2016 Posted in: iphoneography. Tagged: apple, apps, farm, horse, iPhone, iphone 7, iPhoneography, maine, new england, outdoors, photography, Photos, proshot, snapseed, snow, winter. I went for a walk around the farm, while it was snowing, the other day. I thought I was going to shoot the fresh snow on the trees, but some areas were too icy to risk walking through. Instead, my girlfriend and I took photos of some of…

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