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Behind The Shot: Spin Cycle – Photography Article

Bull moose in Baxter State Park, Maine Text & Photography By Michael DespinesPublished July 31, 2019Photo By Michael DespinesWhen I moved to Vermont, I had for the first time the opportunity to photograph a New England icon—the eastern moose. My photo project began with “desk research.” I scoured the internet for moose images to get a sense of what was possible. The best images I found included moose in water or standing in the woods surrounded by fall colors. I…

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Behind The Shot: Lofoten Islands – Photography Article

Photo By Tom Elenbaas Lying above the Arctic Circle at the 68th and 69th parallels, the Lofoten Islands span the waters of the Norwegian Sea. Majestic mountain peaks tower over icy blue fjords and emerald green bays, creating many opportunities for a landscape photographer. For more than a thousand years, fishermen have been coming to the Lofoten Islands by boat to catch and process cod. A single main highway now links the larger islands in the archipelago to the mainland,…

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