Black and White Photography

500px Blog » This week in Editors’ Choice: Black and white photography, intimate moments, blue backgrounds – Photography Article

Each week, members of the 500px team curate eye-catching photography from our talented and diverse community in Editors’ Choice. This week’s curation highlights striking black and white photography, intimacy, and blue backgrounds subjects. Check out this week’s roundup of some of the most intriguing photography on 500px, handpicked by our Editors. Check out which photos are catching our Editors’ eyes today in Editors’ Choice! Not on 500px yet? Sign up here to explore more impactful photography. Related … This is…

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8 Tips For Moody & Mysterious Street Photography On iPhone – iPhone Photography Article

Do you want to shoot moody, mysterious street photography with your iPhone? Creating mood and mystery in your street photos might sound tough. But with a few tricks, you can take wonderfully compelling pictures that captivate the viewer. Read on to discover 8 secrets for shooting moody and mysterious street photography with your iPhone. 1. Obscure The Subject’s Face To Create Mysterious Characters Street photography is all about photographing people. But that doesn’t mean you have to show their faces…

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9 Tips For Striking Black And White Urban Photography On iPhone – iPhone Photography Article

Do you want to shoot incredible black and white urban photography with your iPhone? Black and white street photos can be striking. But not all city scenes look good in black and white. You have to know what to look for. In this tutorial, you’ll discover 9 secrets for capturing stunning black and white pictures in urban locations. 1. Shoot In Black & White To Envisage The Final Image Many people shoot in color and then convert to black and…

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