This Fun Black & White Instant Camera Prints Photos on Receipt Paper – Photography Article

Instant photography can get expensive fast: a pack of Fuji INSTAX Square (20 count) costs $18, and only 8 exposures of Polaroid Originals Color will cost you $19! That’s where the Alulu camera comes in. Where other cameras use film, Alulu uses new or used receipt paper! This fun little invention is the brainchild of three college friends who are trying to fund their creation on Kickstarter before joining the “real world” at the end of the summer. “Named after…

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How to Master Exposing for Dramatic Black and White Photos – Photography Article

The black and white aesthetic can sometimes be a contentious issue among photographers. The decision to shoot monochromatic images is, for some, an afterthought in a way that other choices like filters, focal lengths, and exposure settings would not be.This means that some of the nuance to a well-balanced black and white exposure can be overlooked, and I think this is a shame because it wouldn’t take much for photographers to take a little more control and consideration and produce effective…

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What Shooting Film Taught Me About Black-and-White Photos – Photography Article

Clients often ask whether they can have their photos in black-and-white. My reply is always that I’ll do black-and-white versions in the gallery if they work — if they help the image shout “look at me”. In the Darkroom Back in 1986, when I got my first SLR, I only shot black-and-white film. I forget why. Perhaps the color was too difficult to process. But growing up, I was lucky enough to have a darkroom at home, it wasn’t equipped…

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