The Beautiful Art of Photographing Strangers In Intimate Settings – Photography Article

Couples photography has become more popular in the boudoir industry. It is a way to connect, interact and photograph moments between a couple to give a glimpse into their relationship. Although what happens when the couple is a pair of complete strangers? A professional photographer based in Oklahoma City, Ore Adesina specializes in couples boudoir photography. Photographing couples boudoir shows the clients a more intimate perspective in their images. However, she wanted to try shooting a couple of strangers that had never met, in…

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Breaking the Myth of the Ideal Boudoir Client [NSFW] – Photography Article

A common misconception is that boudoir is for younger women. I have heard prospective clients think it is only for brides, for newlyweds, or for 20-somethings. A boudoir photographer in New Jersey is working to bring light to all the clients 50 and older who book sessions.  Cate Scaglione of Life as Fine Art has built a thriving studio serving the mature client, the 50-plus woman: “They are among my favorite clients to work with. I even teach and mentor other photographers about serving this…

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Quick Tips to Get the Shot in Any Condition – Photography Article

Photographing underwater possess its own challenges even in clear visibility. Coming into a body of water you are unaware of the conditions can make or break you, only if you allow it to.  I recently was able to teach at a boudoir photography conference in Halliburton Canada. My classes were strictly underwater working with two models for boudoir posing. The original pool was a large competition sized option with a heater for keeping the models and class attendees fairly warm. However…

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