2 Customizations that will Make Your Online Galleries Extra-Gorgeous – Photography Article

Customize your ShootProof online galleries with adjustable image sizes and spacing. Choose the right look for your unique brand! (Photographs: THE SCOBEYS) Your clients will be happier than ever when you make every gallery as gorgeous as possible! Here are two simple ways to customize the look and feel of your online galleries – and see your sales soar! Your favorite songs leverage the power of the pause to create rhythm. In that same way, the spaces between your photos…

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Instagram to be Renamed to ‘Instagram from Facebook’ – Photography Article

Instagram is getting a name tweak as Facebook seeks to signal its ownership and control over its subsidiary apps. The photo-sharing app will soon be called “Instagram from Facebook.”The Information first reported on the change, which will be shared by WhatsApp, turning it into “WhatsApp from Facebook.” The new “Instagram from Facebook” name will initially appear on the listings for the app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, but it seems likely it’ll be used on the splash screen…

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What I’ve Learned From My Wedding Photography Business – Photography Article

I got to thinking about a few things I wish I knew before starting my business. Yes, I wish I knew more about the technicality of photography (wait, so you’re telling me f-stop and aperture ARE THE SAME THINGS?!? Still asking yourself, ‘What is aperture?’ – check out the ultimate aperture guide), but I wish someone would’ve sat me down and had a real conversation about expectations. I envision this scene in my head like there’s this mafia-looking guy (hair…

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