Canon 16-35mm f/4

Spectacular mountains and glaciers from the Mont Blanc Massif — Time Lapse Network – Time Lapse Photography Article

This timelapse film takes you to the high alpine landscapes of the Mont Blanc Massif with spectacular mountains and giant glaciers as you have never seen before, all accompanied by beautifully composed music. Florian Nick shared with us the following details on his video, which was created using LRTimelapse: Every year millions of people come to experience the majestic mountains around Chamonix in the French Alps. Whether theyʼre mountain climbers, backcountry skiers, hikers or tourists – they all embrace the…

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Time Lapse & Hyperlapse Construction 4K, by Yury Sirri Nakvas — Time Lapse Network – Time.Lapse Photography Article

This is what you can definitely call a Long Term time-lapse done great! Professional timelapser Yury Sirri Nakvas created this amazing new one on his Canon gear, shooting over 8000 images. Yury Sirri Nakvas shared with us the following details on his video: Time Lapse & Hyperlapse Construction 4k CORMAN’s core business is the production and distribution of devices in the field of medication, diabetes, hypertension as well as 100% cotton based personalcare products (baby diapers and pads) for users…

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Above And Beyond, by Timefocus Films — Time Lapse Network – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Walk on a spectacular sea of clouds thanks to Jiri Bajak’s latest timelapse video “Above And Beyond”! Jiri Bajak shared with us the following details on his video: Zeus wants to be ruler of the sea of clouds, but he was weak, didn’t know the weather and best place to search.He got some luck, met 2 guys who were seeking for sea too, and directed him to his dream!After few years Zeus got some experience, became stronger and the mountains…

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