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Capture One Introduces a Very Attractive Special Student Offer – Photography Article

A few weeks ago, Capture One released a version specifically tailored for large studios and businesses. While some could have thought the Danish company was moving all its efforts towards this market, it’s actually far from the truth! It was just a step to carry the needs of all professionals. Capture One recently announced an initiative dedicated to students, and it’s meant to help them reach professional standards without breaking the bank. While large studios or professionals can cover the cost…

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Become a Black and White Editing Master With These Techniques in Capture One – Photography Article

Capture One is known as a serious tool for serious photographers, and there is no doubt that you can get some serious results by taking the time to dig in and master its myriad of features. One great way to utilize C1 is to take advantage of its black and white conversion engine to generate some truly stunning images. One of the best things about Capture One is that they are constantly putting out great educational videos to help users grow their editing…

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Three More Things Capture One Can Do That Lightroom Can’t: Luma Curve, Sessions, and Process Recipes – Photography Article

This is the second in this series of posts highlighting some of the differentiators between Capture One and Lightroom. As with the first, if you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you are or were recently a Lightroom user and are curious about a better software solution with which to treat your images. “Better,” of course, is somewhat subjective overall, but less so with specific features, and though that quest to find the best software is not necessarily an easy one,…

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Capture One Tips: Three Beginner Tips for a Faster and More Efficient Workflow – Photography Article

Capture One is one of those programs that, once learned, is hard to do without, but due to the common experience of learning post-processing software within an Adobe ecosystem, anything different like Capture One can appear less intuitive or more challenging, even if it isn’t.  If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you’re a new Capture One user or someone who is considering becoming one and like most people are perhaps a little intimidated or overwhelmed at learning new software.…

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Five Things Capture One Can Do That Lightroom Can’t – Photography Article

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you are currently or were recently a Lightroom user and are looking for better software with which to treat your images. That quest to find the best software is not necessarily an easy one, but it is necessary. While you may change camera bodies, lenses, lights, locations, and styles, the one constant that touches all of your images is the software used to develop them.  Capture One is multifaceted image processing and asset management software.…

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Phase One to Introduce Automated Frame Averaging With Raw Output – Photography Article

Phase One has announced a few new tricks coming to their IQ4 camera system including a way for the sensor to combine multiple readouts into one raw image, yielding more detail. The company is calling this function Automated Frame Averaging and it will be part of the first IQ4 Infinity Platform enhancement coming next week. Phase One claims that Automated Frame Averaging will “reduce noise, strengthen dynamic range, and protect highlights.” It works by combining a sequential series of images…

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Capture One Releases 12.1 and Capture One Studio – Photography Article

Capture One has evolved over the past few years to become the powerhouse it is now. With its newest release, it turns into even more efficient software, thanks to the addition of Capture One Studio. Today, Capture One released a new major version with 12.1. For current users of the software, a few improvements have been made. The most noticeable is probably the addition of a Grid Tool replacing the previous grid menu. It makes the use of grids much more…

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Capture One Express: Straightforward, Powerful, and Free – Photography Article

What is Capture One Express? Simply put, it’s a totally free and simplified version of the Capture One editing software that still offers the same superior raw handling ability as the Pro version.  There are more versions of Capture One than many people realize, including Capture One Pro, brand-specific versions for Sony and Fujifilm, and Capture One Studio. Since the release of Capture One version 8, users have had the option to either purchase Capture One outright or use a…

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