Weekend Staycation in Jeddah-Why You Should Visit Jeddah! | Blue Abaya – Photobook Photography Article

Jeddah is just an 1,5 hour flight away from Riyadh making it the ideal weekend getaway destination in Saudi Arabia with all the cool things to do in Jeddah. Sometimes we don’t have to travel far or abroad for a relaxing weekend getaway! Saudi Arabia offers many great destinations for families to choose for a staycation. Jeddah has always been a favorite staycation destination of mine in Saudi Arabia because it offers so many fun activities. There are so many…

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SUSIE of ARABIA: Widowed in Saudi Arabia – Photobook Photography Article

Several years ago in 2009, I brought you the true cautionary tale of a British woman who was widowed in Saudi Arabia.  In the four part series, I detailed the struggles of the woman and her children when her Saudi husband passed away and how her husband’s family trapped the woman and her children in Saudi Arabia for ten long years.   By late 2010, the family managed to finally escape from the country and I wrote a minor update at…

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