Major Instagram Ad Partner Banned for Tracking Users’ Locations and More – Photography Article

Following a shocking expose from Business Insider, major Instagram ad partner Hyp3r has been banned by the platform for tracking millions of users’ locations, saving public Instagram Stories, and automatically scraping user data. Hyp3r is “an award-winning location-based marketing platform” based out of San Francisco. The marketing firm has raised over $23 millions in funding, and up until yesterday they were identified as a trusted Facebook Marketing Partner. It offers location-based marketing data to brands, allowing, say, a hotel to…

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Elon Musk is Blocking People Who Say Photographers Should Be Credited – Photography Article

If you enjoy following Elon Musk on Twitter, be careful not to call him out on posting photographers’ work without permission or credit. Multiple people just got blocked by the Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur for doing just that.It all started yesterday when Musk Tweeted a photo of a lightning strike to his 27+ million followers with the text “Ride the lightning!” The photo has gotten over 1,000 comments, 6,000 Retweets, and 70,000 likes. It turns out the photo was shot…

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Cop Points Gun at Photog Because He ‘Doesn’t Know’ What a GoPro Is – Photography Article

Here’s a video of a disconcerting encounter between a police officer and photographer that’s making the rounds online. It shows a police officer in San Diego drawing his gun on the photographer filming because he “doesn’t know” what the GoPro attached to the main camera is.NBC4 reports that the May 2018 incident occurred a block from the Mesa College campus and involved San Diego Community College District police officer James Everette. After the unnamed photographer approached Everette at a traffic…

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Magazine Says Its Stolen Cover Photo Was a Stock Photo… of the Photo – Photography Article

Renowned photographer Nadav Kander was recently surprised to find one of his portraits used without permission on the cover of a magazine. When confronted with this, the magazine’s explanation was that the image was purchased as a stock photo — a stock photo of the copyrighted photo in an exhibition. The photo at the center of this strange tale was a portrait Kander had made of famed American filmmaker (and photographer) David Lynch. The UK magazine The Big Issue published…

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Photojournalist Accused of Faking Photos of Violence in Honduras – Photography Article

A photojournalist is being accused of faking an award-winning series of photos that purportedly show hitmen in Honduras carrying out violent acts. Fstoppers published a report that accuses Swiss/Italian photographer Michele Crameri of staging shots and publishing the photos with fake captions. The report is based on evidence and statements provided by both fellow photographers and the Honduran fixer who helped connect Crameri to gang members during four trips the photographer made to the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula…

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500px Threatens to Ban Popular User it Once Hailed as a ‘Photoshop Master’ – Photography Article

500px is now strictly a service for sharing and selling “photography,” and it has been banning accounts that post images that aren’t “photographic” enough. The change in policy is so sharp that 500px is now driving away a user that it once featured as a “Photoshop master.” Polish photo artist Michal Karcz says he’s being kicked out of the 500px community despite the fact that 500px once celebrated his popular work. In his 5+ years on 500px, Karcz uploaded 173…

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Huawei Thought Ads Were Acceptable Lockscreen Photos. Nope. – Photography Article

Huawei has gotten quite a bit of bad press in recent days, and its latest PR nightmare is a strange one. Users around the world started complaining after advertisements began quietly showing up on their lockscreens as default photos. While other smartphones may come with beautiful landscape photos as default wallpapers, users of Huawei’s smartphones, including the new P30 Pro, are reporting default lockscreen photos with the logo for obnoxiously displayed across them accompanied by an offer for 15%…

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GQ Ran a Photo of ‘Tech Titans’ That Had Women Photoshopped In – Photography Article

GQ ran a story last week about a group of “tech titans” making a “pilgrimage” to small Italian village to visit luxury designer Brunello Cucinelli. The article’s lead image was a group photo of the attendees, but something looked off… A screenshot of the original article published by GQ. BuzzFeed News Ryan Mac noticed that the two women in the photo, SunRun CEO Lynn Jurich and Peek CEO Ruzwana Bashir, looked out of place in the strangely low-res image. The…

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Facebook to Reconsider Nudity Policy After Photographers Protest – Photography Article

Facebook has agreed to rethink its stance on nudity following an outcry from photographers who have been protesting the social network’s banning of artistic nudity in photographs. Warning: This article contains some mild nudity that may not be safe for work. “In recent months, Facebook has faced scrutiny for its community guidelines and censorship practices,” writes the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC). “The site’s policies, which make an exception for nudity in paintings and sculptures, exclude photography. Photographers reported having…

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