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5 tips for Motivation in Photography – Photography Article

#TravelTuesday with Dave sure comes around quick, doesn’t it! I’m back!From time to time we may need to remind ourselves about why we work so hard at photography and don’t seem to get anywhere, be it for any number of reasons ranging from being stuck in a rut or for trying to achieve something time after time that fails. Like me trying to get a shot of a lighthouse in front of a huge chalk cliff and failing several times…

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Shooting sunrise – Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider – Photography Article

#TravelTuesday with Dave has come around again, you lucky, lucky people!I’ve just returned home from a trip to Valensole in Provence, France, where I’ve been shooting lavender, sunflowers, mountains, and all manner of French fancies. I hope you were following along on my usual Instagram Story but if you weren’t, here’s a little glimpse at what I was doing: –I have a tiny, itsy-bitsy secret…. The lavender season was pretty much over and there were just a few fields of…

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Closer to Home – Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider – Photography Article

It’s #TravelTuesday with Dave! I’m Dave Williams and I’m here every Tuesday with something for you from the world of Photoshop, Photography, Travel, or life, and today was never going to be the exception! This past Saturday I had the pleasure of hooking up with The Kelby’s in my home town, London, England. Scott and his son, Jordan, were over in Europe on a trip and we went on a little jaunt to Greenwich in South East London, and this…

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