A Group of Photographers Across the UK Passed Around One Dress – Photography Article

Earlier this year, photographer Danielle Reeder of Somerset, UK, launched an experimental photo project called The Traveling Dress Collective. The idea was to pass one dress around between photographers based around the UK to see the diversity of the resulting portraits. “What would happen if a group of photographers had the opportunity to shoot with the exact same dress?” Reeder writes. “How different would the results be?” Reeder put together a list of photographers working in a variety of genres,…

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Why Do We Dress Like This? – Photobook Photography Article

Likeable. Upbeat. Adorable. Genuine. These are words I would use to describe the refreshing Emerati couple in this video, Khalid Al Ameri and his lovely wife Salama Mohamed.  The parents of three young children, the Al Ameris live in Abu Dhabi – and they are living the dream and having lots of fun while they are doing it.  But Khalid never forgets the struggles and hardships he went through to get to where he is today.  Today the 33 year…

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