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Benefits of Drones for Home Inspection – Aerial Photography Article

Drones have come a long way in recent years. Long gone are the days in which UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are strictly a military or specialized term. In fact, the drone industry in America alone is slated to be a $13 billion industry by 2025. Drones, like most technology, are becoming more and more incorporated into the fabrics of our lives. So how does this work on the business side of things? While drones have many uses and applications, one…

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Commercial Drone Services Brisbane | How Drones Help Businesses – Aerial Photography Article

Construction Progress ReportingAugust 22, 2018How 360° Panoramas can Showcase Your Business and Raise IncomeSeptember 20, 2018 With the increasingly competitive business landscape, business owners need to stay on their toes and come up with different innovations to promote their products. Recently, the use of drone services has been providing a unique advantage for companies wanting to get ahead of the competition. Droneworxs Aerial Photography, a drone photography company based in Brisbane has been helping businesses with their state of the…

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Drone Mapping For Construction | Professional Drone Services – Aerial Photography Article

Using drone mapping for construction is becoming increasingly faster, less expensive and more accurate than traditional methods. Several recent case studies back up this claim, especially when it comes to surveying, monitoring, managing and measuring the progress of a construction project. So does the feedback from our own construction clients: “They’re telling us using drones for construction is cutting costs and the project timeline by about a third,” says Wayne Franks, owner and founder of Professional Drone Services of Texas.…

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Orthomosaic Maps Help Document Wetlands Restoration Project – Aerial Photography Article

Orthomosaic maps created by Professional Drone Services of Texas are helping scientists pursue an important wetlands restoration project in East Texas. An orthomosaic map – an aerial photo or composite of a series of photos corrected to eliminate the distortion of a regular map – is the only way to measure true distances for scientific purposes and provide geo-location information for every square inch of the land being restored. “This is important,” explains PDS owner and founder Wayne Franks, “because…

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PDS visits 2018 Energy Drone Summit – Aerial Photography Article

Professional Drone Services of Texas is proud to announce it’ll be exhibiting its state-of-the-art drone thermal imaging abilities at Houston’s 2018 Energy Drone Summit June 19 through 21! In line with the forum’s goal of bringing energy industry leaders and end users together with the UAV/robotics/AI community to improve efficiency, safety and operations in the energy industry, PDS will be demonstrating some of the latest aerial thermal imaging capabilities – livestreaming thermal imagery and data from its equipment. “The rapid adoption of…

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New Equipment Upgrades | Professional Houston Drone Services – Aerial Photography Article

Until now, a Houston drone business had to make two flights for aerial thermal imaging projects like roof and equipment inspections – one with a thermal camera to detect an anomaly and then another with a standard-vision camera to confirm it. That’s why Professional Drone Services is proud to announce its investment in a new DJI Matrice 210 drone that allows us to carry two cameras simultaneously – as well as the best thermal- and standard-vision aerial cameras on the market…

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