The Business Case for Using 6-Second Videos Over 60 – Photography Article

Brands use videos to capture attention, but holding attention spans is very difficult. Here’s why six-second videos are effective solutions to engagement. Digital content creation is a given for any brand determined to grow their customer base. Businesses are adopting omnichannel marketing programs to bring consumers into their respective orbits. That means producing content at ongoing rates and keeping all channels fresh and updated. After all, consumers need reasons to engage with your brand’s social or digital accounts. And, sometimes,…

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Why You Should Use an Agency to Support These Five Creative Requests – Photography Article

There are many times where agency support is invaluable. Find out which five creative tasks you should consider using an agency to support and why. This post is a follow up to “5 Creative Requests You Should be Taking In-House and Why.” As we outlined in part 1 of our article, it doesn’t always make sense to outsource every creative task to an agency. Because agencies are expensive (upward of $600 an hour for some New York-based companies) and often…

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3 Simple Strategies for Sourcing Inclusive Imagery – Photography Article

Explore inclusive imagery with Mercado McCann, following their Cannes Lions Bronze-awarded Offset by Shutterstock campaign “New Stereotypes Available.” A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not all pictures are created equal. It can be difficult to select imagery that accurately reflects the world around us. To do so requires looking beyond the borders of our established biases and perceptions. Image galleries today offer a broad range of subjects, spanning every age, race and gender. But many of these…

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Cargo drones could be the future of the shipping industry – Aerial Photography Article

Cargo drones could be the future of the shipping industry  CNBC The modern supply chain has been around with limited structural changes for more than 50 years. Heavy-lifting cargo drones could shake things up. >> Osmo Pocket vs. Osmo Mobile 2: Which One Should You Buy? Source link Share Tweet Share Pin Email amazon business news drone aircraft enterprise technology Transportation This is only a snippet of a Aerial Photography Article written by edupin Source link

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The Importance of Consistency in Content Marketing – Photography Article

Consistency is an important consideration for any content strategy, but is often overlooked. View our infographic to find out how marketers feel about content consistency. In the sea of content that consumers view and engage with everyday, consistent visuals are an important element in helping build up long term memory of what a specific brand looks and feels like. For brands with always-on content strategies, consistency helps build up that recognition over time with every visual or piece of content…

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Artist Series with Food Photographer Joanie Simon – Photography Article

Looking for pro tips for shooting amazing images of food? Explore new techniques with food photographer Joanie Simon in the latest installment of Shutterstock’s Artist Series. Shutterstock Presents: Artist Series is a video series highlighting creative artists on Shutterstock’s marketplace. Today we are introducing one of the first artists we featured as part of the series, food photographer and photography educator Joanie Simon. Not only is Phoenix-based Joanie an accomplished photographer, but she also educates fellow food photographers around the…

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5 Creative Requests You Should be Taking In-House and Why – Photography Article

While agencies can be a great solution to solve resourcing issues or skill gaps, many day-to-day creative tasks are better kept in-house. Find out what tasks you should be taking in-house. A recent survey from Gartner showed that more than half of marketers rely heavily on agencies and external marketing partners for strategy or execution tasks. And while agencies can provide solid creative support, leaning on them for basic studio production simply isn’t efficient—resource-wise or cost-wise. You and your marketing…

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Increase Creative Output by Navigating the Creative Partner Economy – Photography Article

Everything marketers need to know about choosing between a creator content platform or an influencer content platform to increase their creative output. Where would marketers be without creative partnerships? Whether you’re trying to expand your online reach, sourcing visuals for ad creatives, or producing posts for a busy social media calendar, working with a partner that specializes in digital marketing provides brands with the content they need to connect with their target customers. In general, there are two types of…

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Improving Your Brand-Agency Relationships – Photography Article

Increasingly, brands are re-evaluating how to resource their marketing teams. Here are a few ways to navigate the growing uncertainty between marketing teams and agencies. There’s a growing trend in marketing where many brands are taking their content and creative work in-house and out of scope from their agencies. It wasn’t long ago that agencies were the only solution for marketers to access the top talent in their field. But today the pressures of changing needs from brands, new self-serve…

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