The Evolution of a Photo Story – Photography Article

Do you ever wonder why one person gets chosen over another, or how a story comes to be told in a certain way? Well here’s something that happened to me recently that gave me new insights about how choices are sometimes made and what it tells us about the people who make them.In 1961, Gordon Parks went to Brazil for Life magazine to shoot a story about poverty in the favelas of Rio. Parks was famous, the first black photographer…

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LAPD Crime Scene Photos from the Mid-1900s – Photography Article

A new exhibition in Los Angeles will feature crime scene photos captured by police officers in the Los Angeles Police Department from between 1925 and the 1970s. Back in 2001, Fototeka founder Merrick Morton, who’s also a photographer and LAPD reserve officer, received unprecedented access to Los Angeles’ records department and its immense photo archive. At the City Records Center in downtown Los Angeles, which houses 150 years worth of city documents in 47,500 square feet of cardboard crates, Morton…

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