Meet Henry Diltz, The Official Photographer at Woodstock – Photography Article

Henry Diltz was the official photographer at the legendary Woodstock music festival back in August 1969. Here’s a 6-minute video by Keeper in which Diltz tells the story of how it all happened (note: there’s a bit of nudity).Diltz says he got the gig after an acquaintance, lighting director E.H. Beresford “Chip” Monck, suggested the photographer to Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang. The festival sent Diltz $500 — about $3,500 in today’s money — and an airline ticket to get him…

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Inside the Mind of a Self-Portrait Landscape Photographer – Photography Article

Lizzy Gadd is a self-portrait landscape photographer. After finding awe-inspiring outdoor locations, Gadd steps into the frame and becomes a human element against a backdrop of wilderness. Smugmug Films just released this 7.5-minute short film that takes us into Gadd’s mind and work. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Gadd first got into photography at the age of 12 when her dad brought home a small digital camera. Since then, she has built up an impressive body of work showing locations around…

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Camera Makers, Please Bring Back the Custom Focus Limiter – Photography Article

Back in the Sony SLT days, the company included an incredibly useful feature into the a99 Mark II called the Custom Focus Limiter. It allowed you to limit your autofocus to any distance range you wanted, and by golly, we wish it were still a thing. In the video above, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake of DPReviewTV explain why they love this feature, and implore camera makers to add it back into their modern bodies. As they point out, focus…

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Building Hyper Realistic Photography Sets Underwater – Photography Article

Being an Underwater Photographer I’ve always been drawn to creating dreamscapes below the surface, it’s just part of the allure for me, and trying to build a whole room underwater was one of the goals I’d set myself quite a while ago. Having been a primarily traveling photographer meant that I didn’t have a proper studio in which to experiment, but that all changed last year when I built my own Underwater Studio at my home in Long Beach, California.…

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A Pulitzer-Winning Photojournalist on Capturing Tragedy and Humanity – Photography Article

PBS NewsHour just aired this 3-minute Brief but Spectacular episode in which Los Angeles Times staff photographer Marcus Yam talks about the challenge of documenting tragedy and humanity up close. Yam has won two Pulitzer Prizes already in his career: one as part of the Los Angeles Times‘ staff in covering the San Bernardino, California, terrorist attacks in 2015 and one as part of the Seattle Times staff in covering the landslide in Oso, Washington, in 2014. In recent years,…

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Best Leather Cases for iPhone X 2018 – iPhone Photography Article

You don’t want to drop your iPhone. The iPhone X is expensive. The price starts at $999. The iPhone X is delicate. The edge-to-edge glass in the front and back doesn’t help withstand scratches or drops. The iPhone X is expensive to repair. The screen replacement for an iPhone X costs $279. Or you can buy AppleCare+ for $199, and then pay $29 for a screen repair. The best solution for protection? Buy a case for your iPhone X. You…

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