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500px Blog » 40 Fine Art Nude Photos that Celebrate All Shapes and Sizes (NSFW) – Photography Article

When we shared our Top 10 Nude Photos of 2014 (NSFW link) at the end of last year, the feedback was clear: “why are these all skinny white women?” We heard you loud and clear. There were no men and no diversity in body type or ethnicity — both things we noticed when we were writing up the post. Unfortunately, being a Top 10, there was nothing we could do about that list. Which is why we spent the last…

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500px Blog » » Contributor Agnieszka Pasko on “weird” minimalist photography – Photography Article

Exclusive Licensing Contributor Agnieszka Pasko is a fine art photographer based in Gdansk, Poland. Her work caters to minimalist tastes, utilizing visual simplicity while highlighting complex concepts in her series such as identity, femininity, and form. Browse her Licensing collection here. Q: Tell us a bit about who you are as a photographer. A: I think that my photography is…weird. I really like when my photographs are a little bit disturbing. I love minimalism and white spaces; they help me…

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Play With Shadow – Creative Photo Challenge With Lindsay Adler – Photography Article

By looking at shadows the same way you look at light, you can create textured backgrounds or unique patterns in your photos. Among her techniques, Lindsey will employ tactics as simple as using a piece of lace and a single hard light, to cast a patterned shadow on her subject’s face, for example. So now, its time for you to get creative in how you use your light and shadows to create textures and patterns in your images.   Get Challenge No.…

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