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50+ FREE Vector Doodles and Lettering – Photography Article

Add some DIY flair to your designs with these FREE vector doodles and handwritten fonts. Use them in print or on the web for a personalized, hand-drawn touch of whimsy. Down-to-earth and DIY design is having a moment – it’s even a big part of the Zine Culture trend from our 2019 Creative Trends report. As polished designs and professional level photography becomes more accessible, there’s also a growing demand for the naivety and charm of DIY looks. These hand-drawn…

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64 Gradient Swatches, Shapes, and Backgrounds – Photography Article

Gradients are one of the most versatile ways to transform the look and feel of any composition. Download this pack of sixty-four free gradient elements to elevate your next design. Gradients are made up of two or more hues that transition into one another to create a gradual (or abrupt) blend of color across backgrounds, shapes, illustrations, lines, images, or typography. They are often used to incorporate dimension, character, and pops of color. Gradients can take on a vast range…

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5 FREE Lightroom CC Presets That Get Users to Stop Scrolling – Photography Article

Want to spiff up your channels? Ditch the built-in filters and download these five FREE Lightroom CC presets ideal for social media. Social Media image styles are ever evolving, constantly moving, and seem to be instantly passé as soon as they are popular. Some last a while though. We not only offer some timeless image style presets, we cover some of these longer-lasting trends, too. Some of them borne from social media specifically, some from film. These 5 FREE presets…

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The Rise of Variable Fonts and Typographic Flexibility – Photography Article

Variable fonts have been on the rise since its release in late 2016. Discover all the ins and outs of this font format, along with links to download seven free variable fonts to use in your next project. A variable font is an OpenType font file that behaves similar to an entire font family with the help of interpolation. This gives users added customization and flexibility when working with typography. Instead of being limited to a bold or condensed style,…

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Get Started in Adobe Lightroom CC with 15 FREE Presets – Photography Article

Portrait 400A higher-ISO version of popular film for portraiture, this preset will make skin tones smooth yet natural, for any style of photography. Adjustments to highlights, shadows, and the curve help boost midtones. Image via Dejan Dundjerski. Saturated Landscape 100 This preset evokes the heyday of childhood trips to national parks. Mild adjustments to the clarity (under the Effects section) can define or soften edges to create very complex images worthy of mounting and displaying. Image via makasana photo. Modern Instant…

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Free Lightroom Presets for Better Looking Portraits – Photography Article

Download 5 FREE Portrait Presets for Lightroom CC – PLUS, Learn How to Whiten Teeth. Your portrait photo editing and enhancement just got a lot easier. Portraiture is a type of photography that uses specific techniques to capture a person’s personality, their mood, or a sense of them in a specific place. A portrait doesn’t necessarily need a style (which is a style itself) — the facial expression of the details of the subject can communicate all the necessary information.…

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8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns – Photography Article

Every graphic designer needs to have a set of versatile patterns in their toolkit. Download this pack of eight free seamless geometric patterns that designers can use in a variety of applications. Patterns are graphics that are derived from a group of shapes, illustrations, lines, or textures. These patterns can be digital, photographic, or even hand-drawn. Because patterns can take on a vast range of styles and appearances, they all evoke a different tone. Organic patterns bring forth a hint…

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The Videographer’s Exposure Reference Guide + FREE Camera Bag Tag – Photography Article

Having a hard time understanding the exposure triangle? Keep getting over- or underexposed images? Use this reference guide for a perfectly exposed image. Whether you’re just new to videography or new to cameras all together, getting used to the exposure settings can be tricky. If you change one, it’s going to affect the others. They all work together, so you have to know how they work together to get correct exposure in your videos. You may be familiar with the three…

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