Google is Developing a ‘DSLR-Like Attachment’ for Pixel Phones: Report – Photography Article

The Google Pixel 3 may be suffering from some serious camera issues, but the engineers in Mountain View are still going full steam ahead on the upcoming Pixel 4. And according to the most recent reports, that phone may come with a ‘DSLR-like accessory’ for more serious photographers. The report was published by 9to5Google, who received some exclusive tidbits about the upcoming smartphone from a “reliable source.” In addition to some details about the battery, RAM and screen resolution specs,…

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Google Pixel 3 Owners are Reporting a Major Camera Shaking Defect – Photography Article

The best smartphone for photography—at least according to many reviewers—is suffering from a significant camera defect. Over the past few months, a large number of Google Pixel 3 owners have taken to the forums to report and document a “Camera Shaking” issue that is plaguing their smartphones. You can see the issue at play in the video above, or read about it in several Google Product Forum and Reddit threads posted by affected users. Apparently, even when being held completely…

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