Is Noise in Photos Always Bad? – Photography Article

Is noise in photos always bad? It might seem like a rhetorical question with an obvious and universal answer: yes. But landscape photographer and YouTuber James Popsys begs to differ in an opinion video that will no doubt spark some debate. Popsys shoots with a Micro Four Thirds system, and he’s often asked about the noise performance. But this video is not about defending Micro Four Thirds or comparing sensor sizes. He does shoot these things with his MFT system,…

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iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons – iPhone Photography Article

I wondered to what extent camera apps create different images of the exact same composition when using my iPhone X camera hardware. Do they all call the same hardware functions and therefore produce the exact same image? Or, do app-specific incantations exist that voodoo the image into existence creating variance in the rendered images of the same compositions? Unsure, I decided to conduct an experiment and write this post: iOS Camera Apps and Lens Comparisons. The Camera Apps and Location Used…

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