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50+ FREE Vector Doodles and Lettering – Photography Article

Add some DIY flair to your designs with these FREE vector doodles and handwritten fonts. Use them in print or on the web for a personalized, hand-drawn touch of whimsy. Down-to-earth and DIY design is having a moment – it’s even a big part of the Zine Culture trend from our 2019 Creative Trends report. As polished designs and professional level photography becomes more accessible, there’s also a growing demand for the naivety and charm of DIY looks. These hand-drawn…

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5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Book Cover Design – Photography Article

An effective book cover makes a positive first impression on potential readers. Try these five expert tips for designing dynamic book covers for both ebooks and print. Cover image adapted from book mockup image by contributor Chinnapong Designing your first book cover? Looking to pick up some cover design pointers? Here you’ll learn five pro tips for creating covers that look fantastic and are technically flawless too. From how to create a hierarchy for your typography to creating an immersive…

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8 Free Seamless Geometric Patterns – Photography Article

Every graphic designer needs to have a set of versatile patterns in their toolkit. Download this pack of eight free seamless geometric patterns that designers can use in a variety of applications. Patterns are graphics that are derived from a group of shapes, illustrations, lines, or textures. These patterns can be digital, photographic, or even hand-drawn. Because patterns can take on a vast range of styles and appearances, they all evoke a different tone. Organic patterns bring forth a hint…

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