Hajj & Umrah

95 Million Pilgrims in 50 years served by Saudi Arabia – Photobook Photography Article

Hajj & Umrah By shafprince | August 4, 2019Saudi Arabia is one of the holiest country for Muslims as it has two holy cities Makkah & Madina and also our Prophet Mohammed PBUH was born and lived there.Many people from all around the globe visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah every year. Though Haj is once in a year, Umrah can be performed anytime time in a year.The total number of Pilgrims Saudi Arabia has served in last 50 years were around…

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A simple guide to perform Hajj – Photobook Photography Article

The month of Hajj is approaching and Muslims around the world have started to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform the Annual pilgrimage, Hajj. Those who have physical and financial ability to perform Hajj, it is obligatory for them to perform Hajj. This article is a simple guide to perform Hajj. It is believed that the Hajj is a journey of the body and the soul. Hajj starts on the 8th day of Zil Hijjah. There are ten basic rituals…

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