Searching for the ‘Ideal’ Image Sensor – Photography Article

Like it or not, much of the conversation around image quality these days revolves around sensor size. When Sony announced the a7R IV, it boasted image quality that “rivaled medium format.” When people defend Micro Four Thirds, they show off their ultra-portable system and claim the images are “indistinguishable from full-frame.” And then you have tweets like this: Full-frame has all-but taken over as the professional ‘standard.’ But why? And does it even deserve that title? I don’t think it…

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Sony Should Split From Its Sensor Business: Investor – Photography Article

One of Sony’s crown jewels in its empire is its image sensor business, which dominates global market share and has helped the company hit record profits. But now a famous investor is calling for Sony to spin-off the sensor business into a completely independent company. The Nikkei Asian Review reports that American activist investor Daniel Loeb has invested in a $1.5 billion stake in Sony and is now calling on the company to spin off its sensor business “to unlock…

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