Hiding Like Counts Sparks Tears and Controversy – Photography Article

Instagram’s controversial experiment with hiding public like counts is only live in seven countries, but it’s already inspired some freakouts from influencers who claim the change is crippling their engagement and destroying their livelihood. The experiment began in May, when Instagram made likes private for Canadian users only. Two months later, the social network expanded the trial to six more countries, adding Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand to the list. And just like that, millions of users…

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Picturesque Lake Popular on Instagram Actually a Chemical Waste Dump – Photography Article

It’s a popular question: how far would you go for a beautiful picture? For a number of Instagrammers, it seems the answer is: I would paddle out onto a beautiful Siberian lake that’s actually a chemical waste dump for the nearby power plant. What sounds like a joke is, in fact, very real. According to a report in The New York Times, a beautifully turquoise bit of water near the town of Novosibirsk has attracted hundreds of people intent on…

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This Famed LA Ice Cream Truck Has Started Charging ‘Influencers’ Double – Photography Article

The Instagram “influencer” problem is only getting worse. Two days ago, we shared an email exchange between a pair of wedding photographers who ran afoul of an influencer who wanted a free wedding photography package. Now, a famous LA Ice Cream truck has gotten so fed up, the owner has officially started charging so-called influencers double when they ask for free stuff. The CVT Soft Serve truck is an LA institution with a 15-year history, but its reputation comes with…

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Wedding Photogs Berated for Refusing to Work with ‘Influencer’ for Free – Photography Article

UK-based wedding photographers Frankie Lowe and Laura Dunning of Betrothed & Co recently ran afoul of an Instagram “influencer,” whose PR person seemed flabbergasted that the pair would choose not to work for free, for two years, in exchange for exposure to her client’s 55,000 followers. The story begins with an email from someone named “Melissa” who claimed to represent “a well known social media influencer” who is planning to get married in 2021. In her email to Betrothed &…

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Construction Guy Instagram Influencer Turns Out to Be Coffee Ad Stunt – Photography Article

A construction guy named Omar in Austin, Texas, became an “Instagram influencer” recently after attracting hundreds of thousands of followers to his @justaconstructionguy account with just a handful of photos. But it turns out the guy was a carefully crafted persona designed to help a small coffee shop sell coffee. After being created in May, the account shot to Insta-stardom when it was Tweeted out by Twitter user @barbzlovescarbs, who purported to be Omar’s daughter. In his photos and captions,…

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