Apple Can Automatically ‘Correct’ Your Gaze in Video Calls on iOS 13 – Photography Article

iPhone users who have been testing the latest beta of iOS 13 have discovered a strange new feature. It’s called “FaceTime Attention Correction” and it uses automatic image manipulation to “fix” your gaze while video chatting. The feature does exactly what it sounds like. Even though you’re looking at the screen, not the front-facing camera, the person on the other end of the video chat sees you making direct eye-contact. It’s a little bizarre, as Will Sigmun, co-host of The…

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What’s New With the iPhone’s Camera and Photos Apps in iOS 13 – Photography Article

The 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off in San Jose yesterday, and Apple made several major announcements (including the new Mac Pro and 6K display) during the keynote presentation. One of the unveilings was for iOS 13, and a number of big improvements are coming to the iPhone’s Camera and Photos apps. Portrait Lighting Apple is “taking portrait lighting to a new level.” There’s a brand new Camera Portrait Lighting effect called High-Key Mono. Portrait Lighting effects are now…

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