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7 iPhone Camera Accessories To Help You Take Better Travel Photos – iPhone Photography Article

I love using my iPhone as a travel camera. For a while after getting my iPhone, I used it as a backup to my DSLR. But more and more I’m finding myself relying it as my main travel camera. The truth is, your iPhone is a great camera for travel. And it’s about to get even better with these accessories. Here are 7 important iPhone camera accessories that will make your iPhone even more powerful. Make sure you pack a…

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iPhone X Case Review: Burkley Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet – iPhone Photography Article

Burkley, the renowned fashion house in New York, has launched a new magnetic detachable leather wallet case for the iPhone X. As expected from its elite line of full-grain leather accessories, the new case features handcrafted natural leather. Matching the elegance of the new iPhone X, the overall design of the wallet case is functional and highly sophisticated. The 2-in-1 functionality makes it one of the best leather cases for iPhone X. You get a premium wallet and a phone…

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Best iPhone Tripods 2018 – Learning iPhone Photography – iPhone Photography Article

No matter what iPhone model you own, it is highly likely that its camera features will still be limited. One of the few limitations of a smartphone camera is its inability to stay steady in low-light environments. Sure, iPhone 6s and later models have advanced camera features such as optical image stabilization for optimal images, but they’re often a hit and miss. For this reason, you, as an iPhone owner, should consider adding gadgets or add-ons to your iPhone camera…

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Best iPhone Camera Lenses 2018 – iPhone Photography Article

An iPhone camera is one of the top-quality smartphone cameras you can bring around. But there are times that your iPhone camera lens can’t fully handle the shooting environments. You want to use a wide-angle lens for your iPhone to extend the field of view of your camera’s scope. A wide-angle lens gives you a fresh perspective. Or if you shoot a faraway subject, you want to use a telephoto lens to transform your otherwise pixelated images into clear and…

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Best Leather Cases for iPhone X 2018 – iPhone Photography Article

You don’t want to drop your iPhone. The iPhone X is expensive. The price starts at $999. The iPhone X is delicate. The edge-to-edge glass in the front and back doesn’t help withstand scratches or drops. The iPhone X is expensive to repair. The screen replacement for an iPhone X costs $279. Or you can buy AppleCare+ for $199, and then pay $29 for a screen repair. The best solution for protection? Buy a case for your iPhone X. You…

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