“Spoiled Journalists” – Why Communicators Should Support MENA’s Declining Media Sector – Photobook Photography Article

The Gulf’s media has had a shocking year so far, with a series of journalist layoffs in the UAE. Is there anything that communicators can do to support the journalists they work with? I’ve been around the block, and I’ve read, seen and done so many bizarre things in my profession that I’m rarely phased. But there’s a moment once in a blue moon when I have one of these moments where I’m reliving Arsenio Hall. What set me off…

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Saudi Gazette and the end of print for the Gulf’s papers – Photobook Photography Article

The Saudi Gazette has been a print paper for four decades. Going forward, the paper will be digital only. It’s started. The first major paper in the Gulf has shifted to digital only. Last week, the English-language daily Saudi Gazette announced that it’d be printing a paper copy for the last time. You can see the full announcement here. I’m also quoting from the article. This is the last hard copy of your favorite newspaper.No, this is not a requiem…

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