‘The Most Versatile Continuous LED Light’ – Photography Article

Elinchrom has partnered up with Light & Motion to announce the new Elinchrom ELM8: a battery-powered continuous LED light for photo and video shooters that they’re calling “the most versatile continuous LED light on the market.” While we don’t know how exactly you quantify that claim (and they have a lot of competition in the continuous LED market) the Elinchrom ELM8 certainly seems to be a powerful and versatile option thanks to its build quality, portability, and compatibility with Elinchrom’s…

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Photon is a Mini Product Photo Studio with Ultra-Flexible LED Lighting – Photography Article

Photon is a new modular mini studio for product photographers that features a powerful system of flexible LED lighting. The system features special 20×20-inch (51x51cm) modules that can form the other three sides of the box. These modules feature 25 active light blocks that measure 4×4 inches (10x10cm) each, and each block has 36 LED elements. With three modules surrounding your product, you’ll have 2,700 total LED lights illuminating the scene. What’s neat about the system is that each panel/module…

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