Photographer Loses Battle Against Andy Warhol Estate, Judge Says Warhol Surpassed Copyright – Photography Article

A photographer locked in a legal battle against the Andy Warhol estate has lost her legal battle. After only recently finding out Warhol had “repurposed” her photo of Prince back in 1984, the photographer tried to take action but was denied after Warhol’s works were deemed to be in “stark contrast” to the original photograph. Photographer Lynn Goldsmith, who took the image of Prince in 1981 that Warhol reimagined for his artworks, filed the lawsuit. Vanity Fair ran Warhol’s artwork…

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Thieves Are Uploading Other Peoples’ Photos to Shutterstock: Here’s What to Do if It Happens to You – Photography Article

Amateur photographer James Wheeler was looking through Shutterstock, one of the world’s largest stock photo sites, when its “similar images” algorithm began suggesting his own photos to him. It was then he realized his work had been stolen and uploaded by fraudsters. His images had been downloaded from other sites, before being uploaded to Shutterstock. But it only gets worse: upon delving deeper, he realized it had been occurring for at least eight years. He says although the site did cooperate…

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Photographer Arrested and Left Bleeding for Filming in Public Place – Photography Article

In an all too common occurrence, another photographer has been arrested for filming in a public place, catching the sad event on film.These cases are contentious, and spark vigorous debate. I’m often outraged, but the outrage is tapered when the photographer is being extremely animated and loud about their rights. Knowing police officers (albeit in the U.K), there are a lot of people out there who aren’t honest and reasonable folk with an understanding of their rights; they’re looking for…

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I Can Use a Photographer’s Photo Because I Smiled – Photography Article

Famous model Gigi Hadid is being sued by a photo agency for posting a copyrighted photo of her on Instagram without permission. Hadid is now arguing that it was “fair use” because she contributed to the photo by smiling in it. The 24-year-old model had posted a copyrighted photo of her on a New York City street to her Instagram account @gigihadid, which currently boasts over 48 million followers. The post led to a copyright infringement lawsuit by Xclusive-Lee, Inc.,…

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Fstoppers Interviews Jim Olive, the Texas Photographer Whose Copyrighted Image was Stolen by the University of Houston – Photography Article

A groundbreaking court ruling has been overturned in Texas, and the ramifications could affect  thousands of Texas creatives and their copyrighted property. A Stolen Image Fstoppers first reported on this case back in January of 2018, when Jim Olive began his legal battle with the University of Houston (UH) over an image that Olive took and owned the registered copyright to. Through a paid service that he uses to track unauthorized use of his images on the web, Olive discovered…

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Texas Can Steal Your Photos Without Paying for ‘Takings’: Court – Photography Article

Photographers were just dealt a big legal blow this week after a Texas state appeals court ruled that the state can infringe upon copyright without risking punishment under the state’s or federal government’s “takings” clause. The copyright infringement battle is being waged between Houston photographer Jim Olive and the University of Houston, a public university. It all started when Olive, who’s known for his photos shot out of open helicopters, found one of his aerial photos (titled “The Cityscape”) of…

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Applicants for a US Visa Now Required to Share Details of Their Social Media Pages, Including Instagram and Flickr – Photography Article

Anyone intending to apply for a US visa will now face the additional step of surrendering their social media handles, after it was announced the State Department will require such information before agreeing to proceed. The move is a “vast expansion of the Trump administration’s enhanced screening of potential immigrants and visitors,” with the options listed ranging from Facebook, to photo platforms such as Instagram and Flickr. As per the Associated Press, this has been a rule for quite some time.…

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