Time-lapse video catch-up – what you might’ve missed – Time Lapse Photography Article

With so much content flooding the Internet, it is easy to miss things. Here’s a few of our favourite time-lapse videos fresh from the past seven days.One of the main perks of time-lapse photography is that it grants speed to progress; images are captured at a much lower, regulated frame rate than when viewed together in sequence, thus creating the illusion that time is ‘lapsing.’This is just as effective working close-up with your subject as it is when shooting from…

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5 of our LEGO time-lapse projects – Time.Lapse Photography Article

We reflect on five of the many projects we have captured featuring the much-loved brand, LEGO. Construction is a visually engaging process to watch through the medium of time-lapse. But these contexts do not always have to include cranes, bulldozers and personnel in hard hats. Part of our time-lapse portfolio in the UK & Europe includes an extensive list of projects for LEGO, as well as their owner, Merlin Entertainments. These range from scale-model builds of famous landmarks, to entire…

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