A Basic Introduction To Understanding Metering Modes – Photography Article

The topic of metering modes seems to mystify a great many new photographers. It had me a little perplexed when I was starting out, but maybe I could attribute that to the fact that, as I’ve stated before, I never read the manual. For anything.Eventually, I learned what all the different metering modes are all about — no thanks to my various camera manuals, because they aren’t all that forthcoming with useful explanations of each metering mode.Claim Your Free Camera…

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‘The Most Versatile Continuous LED Light’ – Photography Article

Elinchrom has partnered up with Light & Motion to announce the new Elinchrom ELM8: a battery-powered continuous LED light for photo and video shooters that they’re calling “the most versatile continuous LED light on the market.” While we don’t know how exactly you quantify that claim (and they have a lot of competition in the continuous LED market) the Elinchrom ELM8 certainly seems to be a powerful and versatile option thanks to its build quality, portability, and compatibility with Elinchrom’s…

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How to Understand Light and Color to Improve your Photography – Photography Article

The morning sun shone through my kitchen window, catching the vase with a rose in it on the window sill.  A low cross-light highlighted the texture on the rose, while the purple glass vase cast a pattern of colored light across the counter.  The photographer in me studied the light, saw the potential for a photo, and went to get the camera. From observing the sun shining through a vase on the window sill to the finished image, this idea started…

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You Can Make These 5 DIY Lighting Modifiers At Home – Photography Article

[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] If you’re into portrait and product photography, you certainly need a couple of lighting modifiers in order to make the best out of your photo sessions. Various lighting modifiers are available on the market right now – some are cheap and some are rather expensive. While expensive lighting modifiers are usually well-made and more durable, they might not be available to you if you’re on a budget.  In this case, you can buy cheaper ones…

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3 Quick Tips To Help Get You Started With Off-Camera Flash – Photography Article

Do you recall the moment you decided that you need to get better at — or get familiar with — flash photography? Thinking back, what was one of the first pieces of advice you encountered? I’ll bet it was an exhortation to “get that flash off your camera.” Claim Your Free Camera Craft Cheat Sheet Print it out and keep it for when you really need it – when you’re out shooting! Did you even know what that meant? How…

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How To Use Dappled Light To Create Brilliant Photographs – Photography Article

Dappled light is small patches of light filtered through objects and it creates a combination of light and shadows. Example of dappled light is sunlight falling through trees, for example, in a canopy, light through window shades or through any object falling on the subject as light and shadows. While it is most of the time advised to avoid dappled light and subjects in dappled light can be difficult to expose for and photograph, dappled light can also be used…

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100% More Power at a 25% Higher Price – Photography Article

Profoto today announced the new B10 Plus, a “slightly bigger brother” to the B10 that doubles the power to 500Ws from 250Ws while only adding about 25% to the price. “With the B10 Plus, shooting on location isn’t about problems, it’s about opportunities,” Profoto says. Because shooting on location forces you to make choices. For the most part, those choices inevitably come down to how much gear to bring and how much gear to leave behind. “Because if you’re shooting…

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Fixing the Flat Light of a Midday Drone Photo – Aerial Photography Article

While driving across North America in the pickup truck full of drones, my partner Stacy Garlington and I remind ourselves that the journey is more important than the destination. We drive from city to city not to not simply to waste fuel, but to share our passion for drone photography with others. On the road, we use Google Maps to filter out the interstate highways. This forces us to travel the country roads and Main Streets of yesteryear. Creating drone…

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