Adobe Updates Lightroom with GPU Accelerated Editing – Photography Article

Adobe has officially released their August Photography update for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, which is focused on “performance and improving your workflow.” The update adds several little improvements, but the most intriguing update is the addition of GPU Accelerated Editing. To say Adobe Lightroom Classic CC has been plagued by slow performance is an understatement. It’s a constant complaint from Lightroom users that has pushed many photographers to at least try alternatives like Capture One Pro. Major performance updates,…

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$6,700 iMac Pro vs $5,700 PC – Photography Article

Pye Jirsa over at SLR Lounge recently published a Mac vs PC comparison that answers an important question for photographers: which is better for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, a powerful iMac Pro or an equivalent custom-built PC? It’s important to note that this is not a straight-up Mac vs PC “shootout” that takes every variable into account vis-a-vis operating system, upgradability, etc. It’s just meant to pit a very powerful Apple computer against a very powerful custom built PC and…

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