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How to Simulate Long Exposure using Stacked Image Averaging – Photography Article

Silky water effects, streaked clouds, motion-smoothed with an ethereal look; long exposure photography seems to be in vogue as photographers discover the looks that can be created. There are multiple ways to achieve this. The most basic is to buy a standard neutral-density photography filter which cuts the light, allowing you to use long shutter speeds without overexposing your shot. You can achieve exposures minutes long, especially when using 10-stop ND filters like the Lee Big Stopper or even the 15-stop Super Stopper. I…

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500px Blog » How to produce your own creative shoot, plus, stellar photo shoot ideas – Photography Article

Bettina Bogar a Toronto-based photographer and creative director from Europe walks us through producing creative photo shoot ideas. She began her career in Budapest, before moving to Canada to further her creative goals. She specializes in commercial photography and has shot for brands like Lululemon, Airbnb, and Tim Hortons. In this post, in collaboration with the 500px Blog, she shares her insights into producing your own photo shoot. Whether you’re just starting out or years into your career, creating new,…

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How to Understand Light and Color to Improve your Photography – Photography Article

The morning sun shone through my kitchen window, catching the vase with a rose in it on the window sill.  A low cross-light highlighted the texture on the rose, while the purple glass vase cast a pattern of colored light across the counter.  The photographer in me studied the light, saw the potential for a photo, and went to get the camera. From observing the sun shining through a vase on the window sill to the finished image, this idea started…

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500px Blog » 12 Nude Photography Tips & Tricks from a World-Famous Photographer (NSFW) – Photography Article

Image credits: All photographs copyright Greg Gorman and used with express permission from COOPH. Our friends at COOPH—the cooperative that brings you killer photography tips, tricks & ideas like these from earlier this year—recently got the chance to work with world-famous photographer Greg Gorman and tackle a particularly sultry subject for their newest video: nude photography. Nude photography is a tricky subject because the line between art and porn is precariously easy to cross if you don’t know what you’re…

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This Back-to-Basics Photography Exercise can Improve Your Photography – Photography Article

The digital age has made photography easier, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before.  Even people who wouldn’t call themselves “photographers” now carry a camera in their pocket in the form of their cellphone. However, has the ability to snap a picture without skill or knowledge made photography too easy? Even for you reading this article who’ve come to this site to learn more about making better photos – has the ease of making digital photos with modern cameras robbed…

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7 iPhone Camera Accessories To Help You Take Better Travel Photos – iPhone Photography Article

I love using my iPhone as a travel camera. For a while after getting my iPhone, I used it as a backup to my DSLR. But more and more I’m finding myself relying it as my main travel camera. The truth is, your iPhone is a great camera for travel. And it’s about to get even better with these accessories. Here are 7 important iPhone camera accessories that will make your iPhone even more powerful. Make sure you pack a…

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8 Tips for Better Fireworks Photos – Photography Article

If you’ve been to a great aerial fireworks display, I’m sure you’ve heard the “oohs” and “ahhs” of the crowd, captivated by the colorful spectacle. Here in the United States, the Independence Day holiday is when many of us try our hand at fireworks photography.  I’m sure if you live in other places in the world, you also have holidays celebrated with fireworks.  So how can you capture those moments in a photo and elicit those same “oohs” and “ahhs”…

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Make Easy Panoramic Images with Microsoft ICE – Photography Article

Vista at Dead Horse State Park, Utah. Fourteen images stitched in Microsoft ICE. You’ve no doubt seen panoramic images and perhaps even know how to make them. Whether using the tools built into programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, or perhaps another dedicated panoramic creation program, or even the sweep-panoramic capability of many cellphone cameras, you’ve used this technique to make images larger than you could make them in a single shot. In the past, the choice was not as great,…

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7 Signs You’re in a Photography Rut and 7 Ideas to Get Your Groove Back – Photography Article

Are you in a photography rut? You are not the only one. Nope. Not at all. We all get this, as painful and as frustrating as it is. It sneaks it’s way in; you may not even realise it at first. Then “Bam!” it hits you square in the lens. You’re in a creative, photography rut. You’re doing the same thing over and over. Your camera bag is becoming an irritant. Your workflow is getting so routine that you could…

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The Principles of Beautiful Photography, From History – Photography Article

The Principles of Beautiful Photography, From History – CreativeLive Home > topics > photo & video > What Makes Beautiful Photography? Behind the Images that have Stood the Test of Time <link rel="stylesheet" id="js_composer_front-css" href="" type="text/css"… This is only a snippet of a Photography Article written by…

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Seated Posing Tips from Lindsay Adler – Photography Article

Seated Posing Tips from Lindsay Adler Home > topics > photo & video > Lindsay Adler Shares Why Sitting Isn’t Ideal in Portraits (But How to Make it Work, Anyway) <link rel="stylesheet" id="js_composer_front-css" href="" type="text/css"… This is only a snippet of a Photography Article written by Stephanie…

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