Do I Still Need a Photography Website in 2019? – Photography Article

Before the rise of social media and the ubiquity of apps like Instagram, photographers established and flexed their brands through their personal website and blog. The photographer website supplanted the printed portfolio, for the most part, offering photographers a way to showcase their work with a remote audience of photo editors, customers, and fans. As Facebook took over our lives in the early 2010s, we encouraged photographers to set up business pages. “Separate your brand from your personal profile!” was…

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500px Blog » The best thing you can do for your Licensing portfolio? Submit more images. – Photography Article

500px is home to a community of more than 15 million photographers from around the world, and many of them are making the most of it by submitting their images for Licensing. 500px works with two leading stock media providers—Getty Images and VCG (Visual China Group) to get your work in front of image-buyers from around the globe. If your photos sell, you’ll earn up to 60%* of the net purchase. 500px currently has four million images available for Licensing,…

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This Handmade ‘Ultimate Photography Portfolio’ Took 18 Months to Build – Photography Article

NYC fashion and commercial photographer Dani Diamond recently embarked on a mission to create “The Ultimate Photography Portfolio.” By combining his love of photography with his skills as a woodworker and about 18 months of design & development, he was able to create something truly unique: a wooden, leather-bound, laser-engraved, 11×17-inch portfolio that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. The project was inspired as a kind of response to the Instagram problem. While social media helps Dani book clients and showcase…

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