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5 benefits of remote time-lapse capture – Time Lapse Photography Article

Remote capture has multiple benefits: here are five ways in which it can work for you.Time-lapse photography is a fruitful method in many respects but it is probably best known for its ability to compress time.Taking its definition from the way it can make time appear to be moving much faster – or ‘lapsing’ – time-lapse can bring out the subtleties of many subjects. A construction build, celestial motion, a child growing day-by-day, a special sporting event: these are all…

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7 benefits of construction site monitoring – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Site monitoring refers to an important application that can be provided alongside a traditional time-lapse offering, enabling full visual coverage of construction works via networked camera systems. Like time-lapse photography itself, this is a visual solution which yields numerous benefits for those involved in construction work. Projects and the activities involved in this sector may vary but a professional time-lapse company will provide the right visual tools to capture the job in full, regardless of context. In this blog we…

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