500px Blog » Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Ueli, Jovana, Anthony, Amanda and Ilya – Photography Article

Last week, we introduced you to the 500px Ambassadors. A group of 20 talented photographers who are eager and excited to share their knowledge and skills with the 500px community. In this first of four articles in our Ambassador Spotlight series, we’ll take a closer look at who our Ambassadors are and how photography has changed their lives. This week we’re featuring: Ueli Frischknecht, Jovana Rikalo, Anthony Sotomayor, Amanda Carlson and Ilya Blinov. Why did you become a photographer?:“I love…

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10 Tips For Powerful Storytelling Through Your iPhone Street Photography – iPhone Photography Article

Storytelling is the key to creating powerful and engaging photos. And iPhone street photography is the perfect way to capture interesting stories. But how do you begin to tell stories through your pictures? How do you turn a moment in the life of a stranger into a thought-provoking image? Read on to discover 10 street photography storytelling tips for creating compelling images. 1. How To Create Pictures That Tell Stories Most people struggle with the idea of capturing an interesting…

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