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5 things you want to keep in mind for BETTER timelapses! – Time Lapse Photography Article

Here are 5 lesser known timelapse tips to shoot better footage.I made this list a while back for my newsletter subscribers. You can join in on the fun and subscribe at the bottom of this page.I use all 5 of these timelapse tips on every single shoot I do, and they’re among the first few things I teach to any of my students.1. Use filtersIn cinematography you’ll hear people talk about the 180 degree rule.It’s a rule that tells you…

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10 tips to my younger self as a timelapse photographer – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Ten tips to my younger self Dear younger Matthew, here are ten tips I wish I could give you ten years ago. You’re probably not even aware yet of the power of RAW photographs. Or maybe you thought JPEG was just easier and you’d get it right in camera. Or maybe you didn’t have enough storage to house all the RAW photos. Regardless of your excuse, I wish you would just listen to me right now and start shooting RAW…

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