Major Instagram Ad Partner Banned for Tracking Users’ Locations and More – Photography Article

Following a shocking expose from Business Insider, major Instagram ad partner Hyp3r has been banned by the platform for tracking millions of users’ locations, saving public Instagram Stories, and automatically scraping user data. Hyp3r is “an award-winning location-based marketing platform” based out of San Francisco. The marketing firm has raised over $23 millions in funding, and up until yesterday they were identified as a trusted Facebook Marketing Partner. It offers location-based marketing data to brands, allowing, say, a hotel to…

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Love, Like or Hate It? Social Media And Your Photography – Photography Article

How do you feel about social media from a photography perspective? How do you interact with your channels of choice? For most of us, our involvement in social media has happened over time. How we use and engage with others today probably looks a bit different than it did five years ago. If you’re a photographer, it is almost a necessity to have some level of interaction to promote your work, services and products. Claim Your Free Camera Craft Cheat…

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